Set up view groups (PLU buttons)

This topic is primarily for administrators and other people who manage a Fiftytwo solution

In 52ViKING (previously also known as 52RETAIL), view groups are used to display articles in a grid view in which shop assistants can tap required articles to add them to the journal and sell them.

You typically use view groups (also known as PLU buttons) for articles that don't have barcodes, such as bread, fruit, and vegetables. However, hardware and DIY stores, garden centers, etc. sometimes also use view groups because some of their articles can be so bulky that they're difficult to scan, even though they do have barcodes. Also, many quick service restaurants use view groups on customer-facing self-service displays.

The buttons in a view group are often grouped by article type, and may contain several levels of groups and subgroups. Example of a view group with articles arranged in a multilevel hierarchy (click thumbnail to view image in full size):

This topic describes view groups for displays that are based on 52ViKING Web POS UI. If you need information about how to add view groups on old 52ViKING solutions that don't use web-based displays, contact Fiftytwo.

In order to use view groups on your till displays, including self-service displays, you must add a view group component to the display layout. The component defines the position, size, and look of your view groups. When you've set up the view group component, you can then add actual view groups with articles and use them on your displays.

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