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Third-party hardware & software – impact on Fiftytwo support

Fiftytwo solutions integrate with numerous third-party hardware and software providers. Some of the third-party software is essential to the core operation, for example operating systems and databases. Other third-party software is needed to implement additional features, for example integration with ERP systems. Third-party hardware, like till terminals or receipt printers, can also play a great role in a Fiftytwo solution.

To ensure a fully working solution, Fiftytwo follows the release cycles of the third-party hardware and software vendors as closely as possible. Fiftytwo will not support integration to third-party hardware or software that's no longer supported by the respective vendor. This also applies to hardware and software that isn't directly used in the Fiftytwo solution as such, but can be used as tools that support the general use of the Fiftytwo solution, for example Microsoft Excel.

  • Third-party hardware

    Many third-party hardware providers don't follow strict lifecycle policies where changes to their hardware and any associated software, firmware, etc. are announced well in advance. This applies to, for example, physical till or payment terminal manufacturers.

    Fiftytwo follows updates to all relevant hardware as closely as possible, and will update the Fiftytwo solutions to comply with updates as quickly as possible. However, Fiftytwo isn't responsible for any limitations, etc. in such third-party hardware and its associated software.

  • Third-party APIs

    Many third-party software and service providers don't follow strict software lifecycle policies where changes to APIs are announced well in advance.

    Fiftytwo follows updates to all relevant APIs as closely as possible, and will update the Fiftytwo solutions to comply with updates as quickly as possible. However, Fiftytwo isn't responsible for any limitations, thresholds, etc. in such third-party APIs.

  • Microsoft

    Fiftytwo solutions aren't supported on Microsoft software that has passed its Mainstream Support end date. Fiftytwo doesn't support Microsoft products in the Extended Support state.

    You can find the official Microsoft lifecycle definitions at , from where you can also find detailed lifecycle information on specific products.

When you upgrade or downgrade third-party software or hardware that could have an impact on how your Fiftytwo solution will work, we strongly recommend that you test the upgrade or downgrade in an isolated test environment before you apply the changes in your production environment. You should be especially aware of this if you subscribe to automatic third-party updates.

If you're in doubt about whether particular third-party software or hardware will work with your Fiftytwo solution, you're welcome to contact Fiftytwo support for advice.

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