52ViKING Store Administration

52ViKING Store Administration is the latest browser-based store management interface for 52ViKING. It'll eventually replace 52ViKING Client, an older desktop application for managing a 52ViKING system, as well as the very old way of managing 52ViKING store controllers through writing commands on a blue screen.

Depending on whether you connect to a 52ViKING store controller or a 52ViKING enterprise controller, you can use 52ViKING Store Administration to manage a single store or multiple stores. Here, we primarily describe 52ViKING Store Administration for single-store management, but if you've set up synchronization between your chain's enterprise controller and your stores' store controllers, you can use 52ViKING Store Administration for chain-wide store management as well.

Use the menu to get help for the task that you want to perform in 52ViKING Store Administration.

You may need to have particular user rights in order to use particular features in 52ViKING Store Administration. Some features may also depend on your organization's 52ViKING implementation. That's why you may not necessarily see all the features described in this help system when you use 52ViKING Store Administration. Ask your supervisor or Fiftytwo administrator if you're in doubt.