52ViKING (previously also known as 52RETAIL) is a fast and stable POS solution. 52ViKING is widely used, with more than three million transactions seamlessly going through the system every day. The solution is built with a modern tech stack that compiles data and makes the translation to machine code up to 50 percent faster than other programming languages, leading to a low average scan time.

You can use 52ViKING for both smaller stores with few checkout terminals and a single pc workspace at the back of the store as well as for medium-sized stores, and for large stores with many checkout terminals and multiple pc workspaces in the office, receiving goods, stockroom, etc.

The system's all-round and modular functionality supports the needs of many segments, for example:

  • The groceries segment, from mini-markets to supermarkets and hypermarkets

  • The builders´ merchant and specialist goods market, from smaller retail chains to large department store chains

Fiftytwo has developed 52ViKING in collaboration with leading retail companies. 52ViKING is widely used in more than 1650 stores with around 7500 checkout terminals in grocery and specialist stores in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Poland. Every week, at least 12 million consumers are handed a 52ViKING till receipt.