52ViKING POS shop assistant roles

In 52ViKING, shop assistants can have two roles:

  • Operator:

    • An operator is associated with a cash drawer and is responsible for the money in the cash drawer.

    • Multiple operators may use the same till during a day, but in that case they'll remove their cash drawer and make a cash statement (either on the till or on a backoffice solution) when they finish working at the till. When another operator begins working at the till, they'll bring their own cash drawer.

    • An operator can only be active on one till at a time, because there's a one-to-one relation between the operator and the money in the cash drawer that the operator uses. That means that an operator can't work on till number 2 if they're already logged in on till number 1.

    • An operator is occasionally also called a cashier.

  • Salesperson:

    • A salesperson is someone who uses a till. You typically use salespersons when multiple shop assistants share one or more tills during a day.

    • Sales are registered on the salesperson who makes the sale on the till, but money in the cash drawer is shared between all salespersons who use the till.

    • A salesperson typically logs in to the till for every sale, and they're typically automatically logged out when the sale has been completed.

It's possible to set up tills to run with a fixed operator (that is a operator who's permanently logged in to the till), but cash statements must always be made by an operator, not by a salesperson. Consequently, the only way to make a cash statement is as an operator. See also 52ViKING till balance & bookkeeping.