Manage campaigns in 52ViKING Store Administration

This topic is primarily for administrators and other people who manage a Fiftytwo solution

You may need to have particular user rights in order to use this feature. Ask your Fiftytwo administrator if you're in doubt.

A campaign is when specific articles and/or discount families are sold with a specific discount during a specific period of time.

You typically manage campaigns in 52ViKING Store Administration, but in some organizations it's also possible to manage campaigns directly in Web POS UI that's otherwise primarily used by shop assistants for selling articles.

To manage campaigns in 52ViKING Store Administration, open 52ViKING Store Administration in a browser, connect to the IP address or hostname of the required 52ViKING store controller (for single store management) or enterprise server (for multistore management), and log in. Then navigate to campaigns:

  1. Expand the menu in the left part of the page

  2. Expand Article maintenance

  3. Select Campaigns

Can I reuse a finished campaign as a template for a new campaign?Closed Currently, you can't reuse a finished campaign. You can edit the start/end dates and times of a finished campaign to a current or future date/time, and you can edit the campaign's articles and discount families, but when you save your changes by clicking in the top right part of the page, the campaign's status will remain Finished, which means that the campaign will not be able to apply again.