52ViKING POS Designer layouts

This topic is primarily for administrators and other people who manage a Fiftytwo solution

In 52ViKING POS Designer, a layout contains the components that are required for a particular workflow. You may, for example, create a layout for logging in to a till, a layout for selling articles and accepting payment, etc. You'll typically end up with a number of layouts in your diagram, and the layouts can then refer to each other so that you can transparently offer even complex combinations of workflows in your diagram.

If required, you can design the same layout in different variants for use on mobile phones, tablets as well as 4:3 and 16:9 POS screens.

When you work with a layout, remember that you must save your changes. To save your changes, click the button in the menu above your layout.

Typical next step: Add components to your layout