52ViKING POS Designer

This topic is primarily for administrators and other people who manage a Fiftytwo solution

52ViKING POS Designer is a browser-based tool for drag-and-drop design of web user interfaces for 52ViKING points of sale (POSs).

You can design user interfaces (UIs) to support all the workflows that your organization needs for:

  • Stationary and mobile POSs

  • Every size of display (16:9 screens, 4:3 screens, tablets, mobiles)

  • Every type of POS (staffed checkouts, self-service checkouts (SCOs), information desks, customer-facing displays, unmanned stores, etc.)

  • Every role in your stores (shop assistants, fixed and floating operators, supervisors, managers, etc.)

  • Every chain in your organization

  • Every country and language that your organization operates in

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