This topic is primarily for administrators and other people who manage a Fiftytwo solution

52ViKING MPOS is a cloud-based mobile POS solution that's ideal for, for example:

  • Occasional sales stands outside your store (think pop-up stores, sidewalk sales, flash sales, delicatessen, flowers, fireworks, party hats, Christmas trees – anything, really ...)

  • Campaign or product demo stands inside your store

  • Simply to give your sales staff the freedom to move around and be able to use POS features and receive payment for articles wherever they need it, which can be helpful in many scenarios, including click-and-collect, upselling at the shelves, queue busting, etc.

52ViKING MPOS works through a 52ViKING MPOS app on standard Android mobile devices. The app can provide any POS feature that a regular, stationary Fiftytwo POS can offer. This means that:

  • Your POSs are no longer tied to stationary hardware terminals.

  • Your shop assistants can move around freely and complete sales anywhere, also outside of stores, because your mobile POSs connect to the POS system via secure 4G/5G mobile connections.

  • If required, you can use your mobile POSs alongside existing stationary POSs in any combination that suits your organization's needs best.

52ViKING MPOS has an easy-to-use management interface. Also, you can easily manage your MPOS solution's devices and apps through a standard MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution.

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